Secure the Border, End Human Trafficking, and Defeat the Drug Cartels

There is a humanitarian and security crisis at the border—our transformative policy agenda deploys existing laws to secure the border, eradicate human trafficking, and triumph over cartels, paving the way for a safer and united future.

America First will

Secure the Border End Human Trafficking Defeat Drug Cartels

Secure the Border
End Human Trafficking
Defeat Drug Cartels

The dismantling of proven border security policies and halting construction of the border wall system has handed control of our southern border to traffickers and smugglers. Instead of focusing on what it needs to do to keep the American people safe, the federal government has reversed several vital improvements in border security and immigration enforcement.

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Strategic Overview

The America First approach to border security prioritizes protecting the homeland and keeping American communities safe.

Secure the

A nation without borders is no nation at all. At one time, physical border barriers were considered a commonsense and bipartisan approach to securing our homeland. 

End Human

Human trafficking is extremely lucrative to those who seek to gain from enslaving others. It accounts for an estimated $150 billion in annual global profits and is far more prevalent than many realize. 

Defeat the

The Mexican drug cartels are public enemy #1 to the American people and they are trafficking a record number of migrants and fentanyl across the southern border.

Border Policy Documents

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Playbook for Securing the Border, Ending Human Trafficking, and Defeating the Cartels: Existing Laws the Executive Branch Should Use


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