How Open Borders Incentivize Exploitation of Children

How Open Borders Incentivize Exploitation of Children

Unaccompanied Alien children (UACs) suffer the worst consequences of the Biden Administration’s Inhumane border crisis.

360,000 children trafficked or smuggled across the border since January 2021

4 Primary Ways UACs are Exploited by Open Borders and other misguided Policies:

  1. The open border and policies that exempt alien children from the removal process advertise a streamlined, guaranteed entry into American communities. The cartels win by having more vulnerable children to exploit.
  2. Relaxed vetting standards for volunteers and sponsors in Department of Health and Human Services facilities make it easier for traffickers and child abusers to take advantage of children, trapping them in a life of trauma and exploitation.
  3. A lack of labor law enforcement has resulted in widespread labor trafficking of UACs. Around two-thirds of these minors work in punishing workplace conditions to pay debts to cartels or their abusive sponsor.
  4. Families pressure their children to send money home while working illegally in the U.S. This creates traumatic situations in which children cross the border unlawfully and are abused while working dangerous jobs.
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